Continuing Excellence

The University of Alabama produces measurable results. Powered by a rigorous belief in the power of innovation and the free exchange of ideas, the flagship program in Tuscaloosa and the satellite executive MBA program in Huntsville both give students an opportunity to interact with a community of outstanding faculty, corporate contemporaries and leading experts.

Our network of more than 7,000 Manderson alumni and over 40,000 Culverhouse College of Commerce alumni represents diverse industries, academics and professional backgrounds. Graduates have the opportunity to leverage professional networks worldwide. Companies have earned substantial rewards as a result of hiring Manderson graduates and they have expanded their portfolio of leaders by doing so.

Manderson believes in the power of ideas. We are an innovation-first institution that consistently ranks among the top MBA programs in the nation for ROI. It is therefore no surprise that we accept only the best and the brightest, allowing around 95 students entry each year. The hallmark of the program is the selection of a diverse academic and professional class that has high achievement and high potential for leadership.

Manderson offers a variety of concentrations and joint programs, plus the flexibility to create a niche area of specialization. State-of-the-art facilities and technology, including pre-MBA modules, are a significant part of the Manderson experience. 

If you want to be where business is going, there's no better place to start than the Manderson Graduate School of Business.