Dean Hardin

Dean Hardin


Business is moving faster than ever before. To compete with the top-tier schools of today, we must be in the business of tomorrow.

When Dr. Michael Hardin was appointed dean at Culverhouse in August 2011, he found himself facing the same problems that CEOs all over the world are now dealing with: a dated brand identity and an inefficient website structure. Defining the new Culverhouse identity meant repurposing its form to follow the high standards and functionality of our academic programs and experienced, well-respected faculty, as well as the business world of today.

Hardin’s five-year goal for the college hinges on bringing Culverhouse into the top 25 public business schools in the nation and across the world by preparing students for a global economy.

Rank and image are important parts of Hardin’s strategy, but the heart of the effort lies in providing the best possible education and placement opportunities for The University of Alabama students. This can be achieved by maximizing value through ROI and by building our national standing through collaboration with other schools, engaging alumni, and sharing our culture through the new socially integrated site. Ultimately, the factor that defines us is our ability to place graduate and undergraduate students in the best jobs.

The bar is being raised, and Hardin’s Culverhouse is becoming a formidable force in 21st century business education.

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