Global Excellence

Nowhere is Manderson’s commitment to rigor, relevance and innovation more apparent than in our academic curriculum. This is why we have kept the philosophy of the Manderson business school simple: by preparing graduate students to compete in and invent the business world of tomorrow, our students will be more prepared to lead the industries of today.

Manderson students have access to one of the most advanced and extensive ranges of curriculum and experience available, owing both to state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous, world-class faculty. An enormous variety of interdisciplinary activities and research opportunities can enrich this experience by giving students the best that academia has to offer. 

Our degree programs, therefore, are designed to accommodate a student body whose interests are as diverse as the market itself. Thanks to these degrees, Manderson students enter the world prepared for work in the private sector, the public sector, academics and nonprofits. Degrees available at the master’s level include a master’s degree, MBA and EMBA. The EMBA program is best suited to students whose schedules make on-campus learning impractical, while degrees offered at the Ph.D. level are for students planning a future in research and education.

Combining all of this is a level of engagement between faculty, scholars, and students unprecedented in graduate education. Our network of widely available scholarships, sponsorships and financial aid programs allow students to settle in without losing their academic focus due to the demands of a full-time employment schedule.

No matter your expertise, Manderson academic programs connect you to the people and the companies who make your tomorrow possible today.