• Required Courses

    Students are required to complete a minimum of 31 hours of approved coursework beyond the undergraduate degree. At least 18 of these hours must be coursework in the major field. A minimum of 24 hours must be taken in courses open only to graduate students, and 15 of these must be in courses in accounting and taxation at The University of Alabama. Students are also required to complete Governmental & Nonprofit Accounting, either prior to entering the program or as part of the M.T.A. degree.

    ***NOTE: Students must take at least a 12 hour course load in the Fall and Spring semesters, and a 6 hour course load in the summer semester in order to meet the requirements for August graduation.

    AC 575
    Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders
    AC 576
    Advanced Corporate Taxation
    AC 578
    Partnership Taxation
    AC 593
    Research & Communication in Taxation
  • Electives
    AC 512
    Advanced Financial Reporting & Analysis
    AC 523
    Business Valuation & Performance Measurement
    AC 532
    Advanced Governance, Risk Assessment & Assurance
    AC 534
    Fraud Risk Management
    AC 556
    Governmental & Nonprofit Accounting
    LGS 504
    Legal Issues in Accounting
    AC 572/Law 647
    Estate & Gift Taxation
    AC 577/Law 641
    Tax Practice & Procedure
    AC 581/Law 761
    International Taxation
    AC 582/Law 650
    State & Local Taxation
    AC 583/Law 732
    Employee Benefits
    AC 584/Law 796
    Tax-Exempt Organizations

    Students planning on sitting for the CPA exam in the state of Alabama need three financial accounting courses, two auditing courses, one governmental accounting course and two law courses. Students should select three classes from the above list of electives if not taken during undergraduate school. 

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