• Admission Requirements

    An excellent prior record from accredited universities is required and should include:

    High GPA (in excess of 3.5), and a positive trend in grades.

    High verbal and quantitative GMAT scores (recommended > 650, minimum = 600) or GRE (recommended combined >1300, minimum = 1200), taken within the past three years. The GMAT is preferred, but students may choose to take either the GMAT or the GRE.

    Three letters of reference that speak to the ability of the applicant to successfully complete the Ph.D. program and his or her potential for teaching and research.

    A current résumé.

    Applicant's statement of purpose for pursuing the Ph.D. program (1-2 pages).

    A writing sample (solely authored by the applicant; for example, a paper from a graduate course).

    Note that a master’s degree is not required for our program. While there may be some advantages to having a master’s degree (particularly one that has already covered statistics and research methods), it is not a requirement for admission. Furthermore, because the goals of a PhD and master’s program (particularly an MBA) are very different, working on them at the same time will not be beneficial and thus is discouraged. Only in very rare cases do we allow transfer of MBA courses or PhD courses from other programs for credit in our program.

  • Application Deadlines

    We encourage prospective students to get their applications to us by January 1 of the year they would like to be considered for admission. Applications are accepted after this date, but those submitted on or before January 1 will be given first priority.

 We only accept students to start in the Fall semester due to the structure of our coursework.

    After an initial screening of applications for minimum admission requirements, we conduct phone or videoconference interviews with a select group of candidates in January. From there, invitations are given to a small number of potential students for spring visits to interview and meet the faculty during February and early March. Most acceptance decisions are made by March 15. We will accept applications into the summer only if we have yet to fill our available positions.

    All applications must be completed through The University of Alabama Graduate School website. To apply, go to http://graduate.ua.edu/.

  • Required Courses

    A minimum of 72 credit hours is required to obtain a doctoral degree in Management. Of those, 48 credits are obtained via coursework and 24 are dissertation hours.

    MGT 610-613
    Professional Development (4 course sequence)
    MGT 620
    Introduction to Organizational Behavior
    MGT 622
    Human Resource Management
    MGT 623
    Introduction to Organizational Theory
    MGT 625
    Foundations of Strategic Management
    MGT 627
    Entrepreneurship Theory & Research
    MKT 690
    Behavioral Theory & Methodology
    MGT 690
    Research Methods I: Research Design
    MGT 691
    Research Methods II: Data Analysis
    MKT 674
    Measurement & Structural Equation Modeling
    MGT 591
    Empirical Project
  • Statistical Sequence
    ST 550
    Statistical Methods for Research I
    ST 551
    Statistical Methods for Research II
    ST 552
    Applied Regression Analysis
    ST 553
    Applied Multivariate Analysis
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