Greatness is Waiting

At Manderson, we build a framework for continuous improvement and lifelong learning. Our nationally ranked program provides the hands-on experiences and practical learning necessary to succeed in the business world. Students are given the tools to build a foundation that will enable them to continue to grow and develop into strong business leaders. Through a solid academic foundation, team-building skills, community activities, real experiences, relationships and networks, and a balance between personal and professional activities, Manderson grads build outstanding futures. Because of our affordable tuition costs and solid ROI,  starting salaries for Manderson graduates have often exceeded those of top-tier schools.

We admit a small body of 95 students each year so that each student benefits from our small, tightly-knit community and world-class faculty while still enjoying full-access to the numerous resources of a state research institution. By accepting a diverse student body, we encourage highly motivated individuals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to apply. The Manderson program is a unique and rewarding investment into your future, and the first step toward either is through our doors.