Financial Aid

Ask a Manderson graduate and they will tell you: your business education is the most significant investment you will make during your personal and professional development. The Manderson MBA program is consistently ranked in the top tier nationally for return on investment. This is because of our affordable tuition and solid starting salaries upon graduation. Manderson is where your future comes into view today. For further information on cost and repayment plans, please visit or contact the Office of Academic Records.


Minimizing Debt

How can you minimize your own debt and still complete the program you desire? What financial aid options are available? How can you attend school while working a 40-hour-a-week job? Planning and research are key. Click here to view financial opportunities and incentives provided by the greater University of Alabama Graduate Services.

Visit any of the following websites to find out more about the financial aid available to students seeking graduate degrees: 

Financial Aid for Graduate School

Federal Student Aid

SmartStudent™ Guide to Financial Aid

Fast Web

Peterson's Guide

The Princeton Review


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