Continuing Manderson

Manderson alumni have always been proud of their alma mater. Today, things are no different. From its challenging curriculum to its rigorous expectations, Manderson is still producing some of academia’s most inspiring business success stories. 

But with great success also comes great responsibility, both to ourselves and to future generations of business leaders. Manderson graduates are in demand for good reason. Now the skills and abilities of job-seeking students and graduates have been compiled for your convenience, putting the solutions to your business’ needs closer than ever before. 

By utilizing the concierge tool located on the employers page, alumni can expedite the graduate hiring process while benefitting the school, its students and themselves. The Manderson student body is something that all of us belong to and trust, and now is our chance to reward what other members of the Manderson family have worked and strived for.

Investing in the school directly is one more way for alumni to demonstrate their pride. By continuing to support upcoming graduates through financial donations or through one of the fundraising societies and foundations, you will give others the chances needed to join our ranks as alumni. Further information about investing in the school is provided in the investment section.

Manderson alumni once had to find their own way. Now they’re setting others in theirs. Let’s begin.