Enhancing Tomorrow

Manderson produces tomorrow's best by selecting from today's best. By allowing approximately 95 students entry each year, the hallmark of the Manderson program is its precise selection of a diverse academic and professional class that has high achievement records and a high potential for leadership in common.

Experience is important to the dynamic Manderson learning environment. On average, 60 percent of each entering class has significant prior work experience. The program also has a niche group of approximately 40 percent of high-achieving students with little or no prior experience. 

But a great education is only the beginning of what Manderson can offer returning students. A diverse faculty and an equally diverse campus, with a sprawling infrastructure and diverse populations of organizations, continue to define the Manderson experience. The Manderson Lounge is designated for Manderson students only and it is a great place to study, eat lunch or schedule team meetings. 

You will also have full and free access to your own email account to be used for official transactions involving student services, career services and class information, as well as employment opportunities. Likewise, the computers in the MBA lounge and anywhere else on campus are also at your disposal. 

While academics and peer relationships are essential to the Manderson experience, they alone do not make a complete education. Manderson students are involved in numerous extracurricular activities such as UA’s homecoming festivities, alumni events, athletic events, team-building activities, intramural sports, student organizations, service projects, seminars, tournaments, speaking events and many other activities too numerous to mention here. By working and learning together, Manderson graduates lead together.