Careers and Internships

Manderson is committed to the professional advancement and success of its graduate students. A comprehensive range of career services are available through the Career Services office. These include individual career advising, career fairs, mock interviews, assistance with résumé and cover letter writing, alumni networking and career panels, corporate development, student workshops, and access to unlimited coordination with the university's career center. No matter where you envision yourself tomorrow, being here today will take you there. 


Internship Advice


Be Flexible

If you are location-specific, then be prepared to be flexible as far as the type of position you are willing to consider. If you are specific about the type of job and industry, then be prepared to be flexible as to location. It's difficult to be location-specific and job-specific simultaneously.


Get In Touch

If you are location-specific, consider getting in touch with the chamber of commerce for that area and speak with the workforce development leader. They can be helpful in identifying companies you might want to approach for employment, along with other resources you should consider.


Reach Out

Get in touch with UA alumni chapters in your locations of interest. Chapter officer information can be found at Our alums are very willing to offer fellow graduates advice regarding relocation, cost of living, companies to consider and other related information.



Remember to use our Manderson Alumni network. Get registered on our website and begin networking.


Stay on Course

Make a plan for your search and stick to it. Putting off making applications and follow-up phone calls will only lead to stress at the end of the semester. See the plan outlined below for some help putting together a strategy.

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